Thursday, February 3, 2011

You start with nothing

You start with nothing. That's always fascinated me. There's nothing. You start with only a few people around you. You can be drinking, talking, laughing, happy or unhappy and you think, 'Ok let's do that.' And then something happens. You have another life for a year or two. The process is so hard. People don't really like to work this way because their lives are important. Above all, you need to break away from your experience of the industry, from the idea of commercial filmmaking. What you discover is that any idea that you have - if it's a relatively original idea - suddenly become courageous. It carries itself; there are always some people who have some hope. We had all grown a little older, a little more mature; but sometimes it's necessary for your own sanity to go back to where you started from and find out whether you really have it or you don't have it or if there really is something to say or not. We put ourselves on the line for whatever it is we've said: 'Here we are, this is the best we can do.'
When I decided to write and shoot it, I came home and said to Gena, 'Are you willing to go without all the luxuries for the next couple of years so we can put everything we've got into the picture?' She said, 'Yes - except for getting my hair done. I insist on that!'

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