Monday, December 21, 2009


I thought of the idea for KICK a few years ago.

I had a vision of a woman dreaming about another woman running through the woods. The woman in the woods was pregnant with a machine. The women could "sense" each other and share physical symptoms.
Over time I pieced together a story to go with the images. The story concerns two luddites, Joselyn and Josephine. Josephine is the woman running through the woods and Joselyn has a recurring dream about her. Without having ever met, both women go to see the same psychiatrist. Joselyn and Josephine have a fear of computers and machines and they seek treatment to address anxieties with technology. Through therapy, the psychiatrist, Dr. Griffin, finds that both women are particularly maternal. In an attempt to help the women adapt to a world that depends on appliances and gadgets, Dr. Griffin secretly impregnates them with a baby that is part machine. Many other things happen but that is the central thread-

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