Saturday, September 20, 2014

Taking A Leap

Excited/Nervous/Anxious but yes, initially and resolutely excited. I launched my Kickstarter campaign for The Distant Architect. I've wanted to start one for awhile and finally everything came together. I promised I would launch on Saturday September 13th, and I did. I had a quietly thrilling few moments as I pushed the button to launch while I was sitting alone in my living room. Then I promptly fell sound asleep. I've been working extremely long hours at my "day film job". I was able to finish the clerical and technical aspects of the campaign, get the video edited. But there was no time to promote. So cue the solitary Living Room Launch Party. It's been relaxing to have a "soft launch", sort of like a restaurant. This past week my friend and producer Laurie Little and I have had time to work out the kinks in the campaign. We're rested up to start a great social media blitz- watch out. 

I am most excited though for the film. With prior funding, savings and now the kickstarter- we will be ready to go. Ready to shoot. I can't believe it, finally. I've got butterflies in my tummy and my toes tingle under the covers like Christmas Morning. My "when" has become "anticipation". 

Join me?

Pic above from our location scout to the South Shore. A very La Jetee inspired shot.
More here

(Scene of the Solitary Living Room Launch Party)

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