Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Distant Architect -- KICKSTARTER -- LIVE!!!

The Kickstarter for my short film The Distant Architect is Live-

This season I am embarking on a major step in the preparation for my film The Distant ArchitectThe film has been in development for the last few years and I'm ready to take the film into production i.e. it's ready to shoot! In order to secure funding a Kickstarter campaign has been set up. The Distant Architect is a Science Fiction Noir. The film centers on a young architect named Karen who begins to question what she knows about herself and her body. Are there parts of her that are cybernetic? Does it matter? Can she still be considered a "normal woman"?  The story is close to my heart and explores some of the themes that I want to "get out there". I love Film Noir and Science Fiction and am excited to make this film telling a woman's story.   

Chicago's creative community and architectural heritage contribute to the project. The crew is made up of local artists and professionals including Producer Laurie Little and Cinematographer Jose Luis Rios.

In order to bring the project into the world we need to do some fundraising. Funds raised will be used to secure equipment, insurance, food etc. Things we need to ensure a successful production.

I am excited to share my film with you. Please check out our Kickstarter page for more information about the film and campaign. We have a few interesting donor rewards. There are incentives for digital downloads, a pass to our premiere at the Chopin theater and even my dad's famous white chocolate cake (!). Be sure to see the pitch video shot by Jim Newberry, we shot in some of the locations to be used in the film.

The Distant Architect is fiscally sponsored by the Near Northwest Arts Council. The NNWAC is an artist directed non-profit organization that supports creative endeavors on the Near North Westside of Chicago. The Near Northwest Arts Council is a 501(c)3 non-profit Corporation. As per our sponsorship your donation to The Distant Architect is tax free.

In regards to Kickstarter you can donate $1 - or the sky's the limit ; ) There are price levels for different rewards but any donation is appreciated. Also Kickstarter is an all or nothing platform. We need to reach our goal in 50 days! 

For more info about the film, crew members, location photos etc. Please check out these links-

The Distant Architect Website

Facebook page-
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