Friday, December 18, 2009


For the better part of this year I have been working on a narrative short. The piece is called KICK and deals with two women who are terrified of contemporary technology. The title references a pregnancy in the story as well as an allusion to the creative spark or "kick". This was the first narrative film I've made in a long time. I've been involved with experimental work for the last few years and going back into a narrative framework felt welcome. What I have known and am learning about myself is that Surrealism (which can mean so many things...), may be the truest place for me. I only need the basic frame of a story, solid character and practically everything else can be pulled with, played with, turned over and examined. With KICK I like to refer to it as Science-Fiction Melodrama. The women follow a story throughout but their the universe is enchanted and undefined. I will be discussing KICK for the next few posts.
We finished shooting the film this past week and here is a preview.

Kick Preview from Clara Alcott on Vimeo.

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  1. i so desperately want to do a kick post on my blog but can't figure how to load the trailer. you're wonderful clara - i just love this flick.