Friday, July 15, 2011

Remembering, now

Recently I've had some conversations about KICK and where some of the inspiration came. It's interesting to reflect on now, since I am involved in writing stages on different projects, especially the short that's in production now. Kick seems like something faraway, a burst of energy that has fulfilled itself. I wrote Kick as a short story, some time after I finished college. I remember mostly trying to craft a story that fit together. I posted about the Add N to (X) cover, but another inspiration was the Tori Amos video for Spark. The song references her miscarriage and I read in an interview that she had gotten in a pick-up truck and drove herself to the hospital to try to save the baby. In the song and video she's running "but she couldn't keep baby alive". I liked the music video, the urgency, the woods and her red hair. In Kick I wanted green, green woods and running with green blood coming down the woman's legs. Running trying to keep a baby alive. That's a theme I'm working with more and more, urgency- and trying to save something unseen and fragile.

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