Thursday, August 16, 2012

I'll see you in the Future Past

It's sad to hear about one of your favorite filmmaker's passing, but 92 years is a good run. Plus I doubt Chris Marker is one for sentiment, especially when it's directed at his person. Marker is the kind of filmmaker in whom I never stopped learning from, he puzzles and intrigues me. Truly a media artist, his fingerprints were in many interesting places. The film as essay is what I look to achieve in my own work and I enjoyed screening filmmaker's short personal essays in the programs I've curated. A playful leftist, I feel that Marker's films were all the more powerful conveyed with his light, impersonal touch.  And he made my favorite science fiction movie- ever. A piece that reflects on love and memory that takes place in the future's past. Made years before I was born, La jetée, a movie about time travel, will continue to screen and haunt viewers for years. A film as theme that plays on itself. Good one Chris Marker.

and he loved Cats! x

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