Sunday, January 15, 2012

Gadajace Glowy (Talking Heads)

Krzysztof Kieślowski's short documentary of "talking heads", wherein people of different ages share their hopes and opinions. The subjects are emotive and articulate. The tone ranges from cute, bitter, resigned, and then optimistic. A little boy states that he hopes to paint horses, a middle aged man sarcastically infers that his occupation is drinking and a 100 year old woman states that she hopes to live longer. I've always enjoyed Kieślowski's documentaries. They share the same spirit of his later films. There was a naturalism and emotivity to his work; the characters would convey, or try to, or look for an emotional truth. Sometimes in the most quiet and simple ways, even when the film itself was romantic and surreal, like in the Double Life of Veronique. Kieślowski is my favorite, always.


  1. There is nothing surreal in The Double Life Of Veronique unless one's vie quotidienne is a mapped-out repetition of the day before in which case the film may indeed appear puzzling. The underlying theme is more to do with loneliness than romance. If you search, you may find. If not, you won't for sure.

  2. It may be a subjective viewing experience. I cast a pretty wide net with ideas and experiences regarding surrealism. In the Double Life of Veronique, I find that just the hint that a woman may be existing in two places is surreal. It is revealed that the women are two different people. But it's still a little weird/surreal that the women are so similar, especially since they're played by the same actress. Yes there is loneliness in the film but with the beauty of the singing, the colors in the film, Irene Jacob's performance and her character's stories-I felt it romantic. But loneliness in its way can be romantic too.
    Thank you for your comment.