Thursday, January 19, 2012

Style Within Style

It’s important to me that there is a clear story and defined characters in my screenplay. I’m writing a Science Fiction Noir, and as I work on the technique and story construct, I’m also mulling over aesthetic choices. Noir & Science Fiction genres can be very stylized. I find working within a genre can be helpful because it feels as if there's a compass for your course as a writer and filmmaker. There are components for a style and I am going over them with my own brush. I'm trying to step away from some of the old conventions. Science fiction can be very polished, cold and...masculine. I want the woman protagonist in my film to be warm, approachable. I want the setting to be urban, lived-in and familiar. 
I've been thinking about costume. The characters are professionals so they will be wearing suits but we're going to try to stay away from the 1940s. Melinda Snyder, our wardrobe lady, has some great ideas about where we will go for suits. We're looking towards 1980s and 90s cuts, dark greys. This is going to be fun.

Image-Steven Klein Vogue Italia

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