Sunday, January 15, 2012

Linda's Film on Menstruation

A couple years ago I came across Linda's Film on Menstruation. An educational film on menstruation directed by Linda Feferman. It was an interesting and delightful find (yes I was delighted to find this period film). If memory serves, health films usually were not that interesting, well-written or (intentionally) funny. Linda's Film on Menstruation feels comprehensive and progressive. The film centers on Judy, a plucky teenager who has a few headaches. She gets her first period and and she's got a dopey boyfriend, Johnny. But through watching 70s style cartoons, a rap session with some feminists in a park about tampons, and a nightmare about cultural menstruation myths-Judy comes through a confident woman. It's fun a movie.

Since a narrative element in KICK involved menstruation, I showed a portion of Linda's Film on Menstruation as a part of the shorts program that ran with KICK. It always got an amused response. So when I screened in LA, I had a thought. A lot of directors live in LA right? I wondered if director Linda Feferman possibly lived there. Well I found her contact through the DGA, and I invited her to the screening. SHE CAME and my friends and I were able to meet her. She still works with science and informational films. Linda was an interesting woman director to meet. We were all inspired. It was awesome. The end.

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