Friday, June 15, 2012

Entr'acte or Awesome People Hanging Out Together circa 1924

René Clair and Erik Satie on the set of Entr'acte

Entr'acte is a short film that was an actual entr'acte for a ballet. A Dadaist Ballet. Directed by René Clair and scored by Erik Satie (!), the short includes cameos by Man Ray, Marcel Duchamp and Satie. René Clair was a French filmmaker who was active during the silent era through the 1960s. A director with a whimsical touch, Clair collaborated with various artists of the Parisian avante-guard. The non-narrative Entr'acte involves early fimmaking "tricks", a lot of slow-motion walking or jumping and various nonsensical vignettes. What's fun to watch is the general "lightness" that seemed to go into the production, the subjects are obviously enjoying themselves and not taking themselves or the enterprise seriously.

-the film really "takes off" when it comes to a surreal funeral march-at about 9:15

I like the picture of a relaxed René Clair and Satie on set. I hope that I can look as cool as Clair does when I'm directing. I try to keep things fun and relaxed. My productions are always inevitability crazy, at times absurd, to a passing eye it may as well be Dada ; )

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