Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Oh how terribly sad!

 C is for Clara (!) who wasted away…

I was delighted (?) to learn that Edward Gorey chose to use "Clara" as one of his subjects in his Ghastly Crumb Tinies. I guess there's something to having a particularly Victorian name. The Ghastly Crumb Tinies is sort of a picture book depicting the untimely demise of morbid tykes, one for every letter of the alphabet (Edward Gorey wrote little tomes ruminating on all sorts of life events)

As a child I was familiar with Edward Gorey because of the Mystery! intro. His whodunit art deco cartoon was so charming. I was intrigued by the lady holding the fan and the way she tapped her nose. My brother, sister and I would mimic the fainting lady. 

I still love the moody English dramas and cozy literary adaptations of Mystery and Masterpiece Theater. & lately the programming has been awesome with Downton Abbey and Sherlok. There's the best set dressing and propping on those shows. Working on a BBC drama is one of my "production goals". 

Although I'm currently going on a detox (Whole Living Action Plan), it was the result of a filming related stress (doughnut heavy) diet. I am most certainly not "wasting away" ; )

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